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I suggest Wednesday, because I’ve got Thursday off work, but we’ll see if I even hear from him again. I’m not very sexually experienced, though I’m not a virgin by any means. but if not, one or both of us could pull a “you know, I just remembered I have to get up really early tomorrow …” and have an out. This is not unusual for me, but it is unusual for me to be pursuing “just sex” so single-mindedly. he’ll see me and not find me attractive in person; I’ll see him and chicken out; he’ll have a weird and un-sexy voice; he’ll give me the clap; it’ll be really bad sex in person; I’ll somehow become emotionally attached to him and wind up heartbroken because an internet hook-up didn’t call me the next day. I like to think that going into this with no illusions, I’ll be able to restrain my over-eager emotions, but you never know. Later That Night: He doesn’t text me until nearly . I’m stupid and give him my address and he comes over.

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The quote of truth: "I fear in Hunter Parley, instead of kindness and help, all you find is venom and hatred."Thanks Crabcake for the avatar.

I guess this means they can unlock the Ask a Silly Question Thread.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a guy willing to masturbate in front of someone via the internet would be well-endowed, but I admit I am kind of impressed anyway. Tuesday Night: I log on immediately after I get home from work at , but Internet Hottie isn’t online.

In exchange for the picture, he turns on his webcam. I go to bed, snuggling into my newly-inflated self-confidence.

You made me laugh uncontrollably when you came aboard my ship on accident; Then the next day made the king of all chat booches,you ocean booched.

---------------------------------------- Swordcrazy on Hunter Click Here! I'll miss you Hypnos, I still praise you as king of chat boochers.

Im moving off to Viridian to start afresh as Cinquains Thankyou to my crew mates (SB) and buddies who have made my time on Hunter unforgettable and worthwhile.

I'll miss you Hypnos, I still praise you as king of chat boochers.

And any donation of or more gets you a cyber session with yours truly!

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