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Your mobile pages can share common static resources (such as images, Java Script, or CSS files) with your regular pages if you wish.

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You can implement two – one set for desktop browsers, another set for mobiles.

This works best if you want to present very different information or workflows to mobile visitors.

Depending on what level of mobile support you want, this can be a bigger challenge for web developers than the desktop "browser wars" ever was.

Developers approaching mobile browser support for the first time often initially think it's only important to support the latest and most sophisticated smartphones (e.g., Windows Phone 7, i Phone, or Android), perhaps because developers often personally own such devices.

Note Since this approach usually involves some duplication of code (mobile pages are likely to share some similarities with desktop pages), it's important to factor out any common business logic or data access code into a shared underlying layer or service.

Otherwise, you'll double the effort of creating and maintaining your application.

NET Web Forms and MVC, see Mobile Apps & Sites with ASP. Mobile devices – smartphones, feature phones, and tablets – continue to grow in popularity as a means to access the Web. But WAP, WML, and c HTML are no longer relevant for most projects, because HTML has now become the ubiquitous markup language for mobile and desktop browsers alike.

For many web developers and web-oriented businesses, this means it's increasingly important to provide a great browsing experience for visitors using those devices. Even though mobile browsers now almost universally support HTML, you will still face many challenges when aiming to create great mobile browsing experiences: There's no one-size-fits-all solution; your application will have to look and behave differently according to the device accessing it.

The Web Forms sample application automatically redirects mobile users to a set of mobile-specific pages in a subfolder called Mobile.

The markup and styling of those pages is better optimized for mobile browsers, as you can see from the following screenshots: For more tips about optimizing your markup and CSS for mobile browsers, see the section "Styling mobile pages for mobile browsers" later in this document.

If you're building an online brochure for a luxury health spa, you might make a business decision only to target advanced smartphones, whereas if you're creating a ticket booking system for a cinema, you probably need to account for visitors with less powerful feature phones.

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