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If you sell the car you can take it off in minutes and Tunit will give you a part ex allowance if it is not compatible with your new car.It now punches out 275 bhp and the power delivery is smooth and instant. Additional power great but now getting 33 mpg versus the 25 mpg that I was getting. Using setting 6 the effect was immediate and obvious.

Icing on the cake is a 3 year warranty, removability between cars and a PART-EX facility. I've got the tunit turned up as high as possible as my car is always packed with heavy gear and still performs well.

Seems progressively smoother and doesn't have such a bad dead spot at high revs.

Thanks, Willie Just had the Tunit V-CR fitted to my 2008 BMW 318 Diesel.

Have to say that service and after-care from the company is excellent.

Power delivery is very smooth, and it definitely revs longer - in fact, it's much more like a petrol engine at the top end. Fuel consumption has dropped to 42mpg, but I've only been doing short journeys, so can't really comment upon that being the true average.

comparitively, on a twisty road, I think I could keep up with my Boxster S - would be left on the straights, but through the bends... Once again, thanks for your hospitality on my visit to Chorley - it was good to see what really goes on in the tuning world! The tunit was fitted and we gave it a road test, thank god we got full M Sport suspension, the roll on torque was awesome, acceleration in 3rd and 4th was like being on a bike.

It's also good how easy the box is to remove if need be, 10 minute job.

It really has increased my enjoyment of the car, I really can't fault it, worth every penny.

Dealer fitted it in 10 mins, took me through de-installation etc and even knocked £20 off the bill.

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