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The pre-charged lines also get the insulation riped up during the install.

When I first came to this area, the big favorite was the line set.

I have never had one that was slightly low on charge. Almost all of them are dirty coils and dirty filters.

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Then when they go back together chances are that they will leak.

A lot of times I just remove the connections and just weld them back together.

Both on the condenser and the A-Coil if they have been unscrewed.

If they are going to move the home I would recomend recovering the refrigerant and cutting the lines about 6' from the couplings.

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However, nearly every one of them are undercharged.

I have had to add a little refrigerant to nearly every one of them that I installed. Precharged lines and nearly always slightly low on charge. I charge an arm and a leg with no warranty, and they still want me to install. Targetman, no I'm not kidding, I have very few repair calls on MH equipment that are refridgerant related.

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