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Anne Diamond, who was team captain, walked off during a training session in week 4.The UK soldiers who replaced Harvey failed to gel with Anne Diamond, who said “I'm not going to have a stupid, spotty, pubescent little youth yelling at me!This season on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club, life coach Rhonda Britten has the huge task of trying to motivate cast members, like Bobby Brown, Kevin Federline, Shar Jackson and former Baywatch babe Nicole Eggert, to lose weight. Become a Neuroscientist Wipe away rationale that gives you permission to do what you want because you feel like it.

Note: Series One was the only series in which celebs were not competing in teams or the episodes were filmed around the weigh-in; instead the weigh in occurred near the end.

There was also no host as such, although comedian Jenny Eclair provided a voiceover.

Carole's Team (winners) (lost 19% of their starting weight) (lost 12 stone 6 pounds, or 174 pounds (79 kg), together) The panel for this episode saw USA drill instructor Harvey Walden again joined by nutritionist Dr Adam Carey.

Each week Harvey and Adam were joined by Fit Club past masters. Starting Point: Anne Diamond who at (455 pounds (206 kg)), making him the heaviest celebrity ever to appear on the show.

The following week, Anne Diamond revealed that she had a gastric band fitted.

This caused lots of press attention, making the front pages of the Daily Mail, Express and Mirror.

Quit lying to yourself and unload your emotional baggage. Scream Take responsibility for your weight gain by belting it out LOUD. Screaming in a healthy way with support is an important release. Participants on Celebrity Fit Club needed to build a relationship with their own selves before weight loss could happen.

Then, a healthy relationship with their bodies could begin and stay with them for the rest of their lives.

The teams took to the giant scales and with a 19% reduction of their total weight Carole's team won the series, just putting them ahead of Jeff’s 18% team effort. The following celebrities have lost the largest amounts of weight in the course of a single week: The smallest weight loss ever was Andy Fordham with 0.5 pounds (0.23 kg).

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