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This is especially apparent in Bert and Ernie's Character who appears in the final segment of a series of counting shorts, unofficially named by fans as the "Baker Films." The Baker is a hapless individual who, after proclaiming (to trumpet fanfare) that he has a number of baked goods in his arms, attempts to walk down a short flight of steps, but ultimately he trips and spills everything, making a huge mess.

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A talking cookie who appeared in the 1992 sketch, where Cookie Monster has a very sad nightmare after waring the last of his birthday cookies. And he regrets sadly that he never had healthier foods.

He tells Cookie Monster his sad story on how he became a cookie. As Cookie Monster wakes up from his sad dream, he declares that he will never eat cookies again and starts eating carrots, fish, and whole wheat bread.

In Season 10, he became Barkley after one episode dealt with changing his name by popular vote.

By the start of the new millennium, Barkley hasn't appeared as often, but has been seen a couple times in recent years. He appeared in the sketch where Bert is giving his nephew a bath.

An angry chef monster who scolded Cookie Monster and his father after they shared the cookies intended for the other monsters present in the Monsterpiece Theatre segment, "Conservations with my Father."The very incarnation of gluttony.

He loves Cookies more than anything, but has been seen talking about Healthy Food, so kids can make good decisions on eating the right foods for them.But Ernie told Bert that he cannot go into the bathtub with bath toys.He fills up the toys into the tub until gets furious and scolded to Ernie that he cannot give Brad a bath with too much toys.An Ambiguously Undead Large Lavender Live Hand Anything Muppet guy with fangs, a Romanian accent, and a love of counting.He lives in a castle with a number of bats and has been seen dating various Countesses.Always wanting to help out but usually inadvertently ended up breaking more than he fixed.

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