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In recent times books have been written on subjective interpretations of scripture and sheer conjecture to prove that the Shiite Mahdi will be the Antichrist.

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I think on posts and comments on this Blog we did a reasonable job debunking the Muslim Antichrist theory, but the theory will certainly remain until Islam collapses under its own folly of hate.

It is not the intent of this post to get into that Muslim Antichrist argument again.

A creepy lodger, a group of anarchists and a spy ring based in Scotland.

You might recognise the topics of 3 Hitchcock movies which have been converted by Joe Landry into a 1940s radio show, Vintage Hitchcock.

Today with the rising threat of Islam, the increasingly popular place for the Antichrist to arise is from Islam in the role of the Shiite Mahdi or 12th Imam.

Since the time of the early persecutions, Christians that believed in a literal Antichrist figure have just loved to make contemporary antichrists fit the Antichrist figure of 2Th 2:8 and the Beast in the book of Revelation.

(If your a Mormon and have become leader of the world, what is left other than declaring your godhood?

) Mormons believe they are descendents of Israel and are of the Melchizedek Priesthood.

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