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Although I think the phrasing of the question is problematic to begin with, since it assumes that “warming the economy” necessary would cool the climate, I should applaud the Cambridge Union for supporting free speech and allowing people on both side to voice their arguments, especially given how many on the alarmist side refuse to do so, claiming that there is nothing to debate anymore.Here you will find my 10 minute summary of the main flaws plaguing the alarmist science.The fact that the old site was eventually infected with a virus left me no choice but to finish the job! Also, given that I am now on sabbatical, it is not unlikely that you will even get to see fresh posts!

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Last week I participated in an interesting debate that was held at the Cambridge Union, the oldest debating club in the world (dating back to 1815.

The invite was to be on the side opposing the proposition “This house would rather cool the planet than warm the economy”.

Pottery, one of the oldest and most widespread of the decorative arts, consisting of objects made of clay and hardened with heat.

The objects made are commonly useful ones, such as vessels for holding liquids or plates or bowls from which food can be served.

I was recently asked to write an article to “The Institute Letter” of Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, where I am spending a wonderful sabbatical year.

It briefly describes a very interesting discovery that my colleagues and I made, which is that the 32 million year oscillation of the solar system perpendicular to the galactic plane can clearly be seen in the paleoclimate data.

is still considered at all, I have no choice but to more openly euthanize it.

Since I look for interesting science bits (mostly astro bits) for the Monday coffee of our astrophysics group, I realized that I could share it with the readers including some interpretation (and hopefully some added value) by your humble servant. If it works (and won’t be too much time) I’ll continue!

To withstand the stresses of firing, a large pottery sculpture must be hollow and of an even thickness. In the process of hollow modeling, which is typical of the potter’s approach to form, the main…

Clay, the basic material of pottery, has two distinctive characteristics: it is plastic (i.e., it can be molded and will retain the shape imposed upon it); and it hardens on firing to form a brittle but otherwise virtually indestructible material that is not attacked by any of the agents that corrode metals or organic materials.

Just over a week ago I received an interesting call from a science magazine reporter. Two weeks ago a science magazine paper appeared claiming that once various systematic errors in the sea surface temperature are corrected for, the global warming “hiatus” is gone. According to the study, temperatures over the past 18 years or so have in fact continued rising as they did in the preceding decades. I recently stumbled on a transcript of Bill “the science guy” Nye’s interview on CNN last week.

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