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I had the opportunity to speak with thousands of singles. People started to ask to meet with me one-to-one and that is when I discovered there is an entire "Date Coaching" industry outside of Canada." Christine has become quite the expert.She has written numerous articles on the topic of dating and is frequently called upon be the media to provide insight.

Her counsel is provided through one-on-one interaction with clients as well as group courses that she teaches.

The coaching services range from helping a client re-write their online profile to pre-date advice.

She was intrigued by all the changes her home-city was experiencing and wanted to be part of that growth. Once back in Calgary, Christine began researching the trend of speed-dating, which she was surprised to find had not yet surfaced in the city.

Six Minute Dates was launched soon after, hosting fun events for singles and resulting in over 60 marriages through the service.

Twins Viola and Sebastian are separated in a shipwreck and forced to find their way in a strange new land on their own.

Fortunately, Illyria holds much misadventure, love, and laughter for them both.

After 3 years of operating her business full-time, she was approached by a buyer.

Seeing it as a sign to try a new challenge, she sold Central Studies and moved back to her roots in Calgary.

The City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn said the event was an excellent way to connect with others.

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