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If the service were to allow to call back to its client it could result with a deadlock if the client will call to the service as a result of the callback to the client.

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This is instrumental in advanced cases such as thread local storage and COM interop as well as advanced synchronization needs such as when creating a window (or a popup window) to be updated by the service.

By default, WCF calls execute on threads from the I/O completion ports thread pool.

When a service needs to update UI, if the service is not using the UI synchronization context, the service must manually marshal the call (which comes in on a worker thread) to the UI thread.

The easiest way of doing that is using an anonymous method and a synchronization context, as shown in the download.

The calls are sorted based on priority, then executed.

The client provides the priority to the proxy constructor.

By installing the custom synchronization context and then opening the host, all client calls are always routed to the same thread, thus establishing thread affinity between all instances and all endpoints of the service.

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