Brittni dating dating sim games for nintendo ds

We loved to ride our bikes and take the dinghy out for rides in the bay.

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As I was coming in, I saw many people watching with cameras.

I just thought that they were wanting film for their website, especially since I had just perfected my form :) It wasn't until we landed that I saw Ian's sign.

Proposal Video The amazing night we first met: I was just finished with the second week of my new job when a coworker offered up a free ticket for a Hornblower bay cruise with a live performance.

He sold me on the fact that the featured artist was a female folksinger, so the boat would be "swarming with single women".

I was in total shock and kept on saying "Is this for real? My body was shaking and I couldn't even remember what Ian said in his proposal.

Luckily we were wearing Go Pro cameras so that I can watch it over and over again.Dating: One of the things that I really loved about Ian from the beginning was how much fun he was! We got to go on many adventures, try new restaurants, and spend a lot of time at the boat.When we began dating, I was living in Solana Beach and Ian lived in Chula Vista, so we spent much of our dating time meeting in the middle at my parents boat or around the downtown area.I really didn't think anything of it because he surprises me often.He told me that I would need to wear active clothes and bring a bathing suit. We began driving and eventually ended up at the La Jolla Zip Zoom ziplines.Ian asked for my number and I gave him my REAL number!

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