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If however, he is still doing this after a few months of dating, it is a sign that your relationship will likely remain casual.Any man who is seriously interested in a woman will happily jump off the dating web sites and that’s where women become mental.If someone is on a dating site or several dating sites, the action of logging in can become habit-forming and even addictive.

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What they are doing is acting on the ego boost they got from you, and at the same time letting you know that they are not exclusive whatsoever. If you gave him a T-shirt, he would go home and photograph himself in it and post it on a dating site.

Usually this is the same guy that texts you less and less, only bothers to hangout when he is frisky, and claims he is busy all the time.

As long as you do not over text him and allow him to take the lead initiating, he should not be that busy that weeks slip by before bothering to text you.

This article gives you a few thing to consider about your relationship with him if this scenario is going on with you.

If you made the mistake of never bothering to ask about exclusivity before becoming intimate, don’t expect much. Don’t be afraid to ask where the relationship is going.

Don’t be surprised when you do ask, and get dodgy answers from him.

Do you really want to be intimate with a man who is actively chasing after other women?

He may look like Brad Pitt but you may also be selling yourself short.

If you have agreed to be exclusive, then things are easy because you are in your right to simply ask him to take his profile down.

Until that conversation happens and goes well however, it is open season still.

When you combine the fact that he is Internet dating and barely has a pulse when it comes to communicating with you, please put two and two together.

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