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is alive and wandering the earth" and that this knowledge should encourage people to act in such a way that their future spouses would be pleased.The Ludys contest the definition of "true love" as an emotion; instead, they define "true love" as the choice to commit to another person no matter what happens.

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Eric uses the story to suggest that one should be faithful to one's future spouse even if it appears that they will never arrive.

Eric argues that selfless service is an important part of marriage.

He therefore suggests that a good way for a man to make himself ready for his future spouse is to serve his mother and sisters, and that single women should practice serving their fathers and brothers.

Leslie writes that she is commonly asked the question "How will I know when a relationship is from God?

Rick Holland, an instructor at The Master's College and Seminary and pastor of College and Student Ministries at Grace Community Church, criticized the Ludys' description of dating, claiming it was based too much on anecdotes and not enough on the Bible.

Like many other Christian books about premarital romantic relationships, the Ludys' book explicitly does not present a set of rules to follow or a strategy for romantic success, but rather gives readers a framework for pursuing Christian romantic relationships; the book is intended to be a tool in the creation of the reader's unique romantic relationship rather than as a blueprint explaining what all Christian romantic relationships are supposed to look like.

Eric follows this story with a retelling of the story of Orpheus's encounter with the Sirens.

In this story, Orpheus's solution is to play a "sweeter song" than that of the Sirens; his ship also passes unharmed, his men so entranced by his song that they do not notice the Sirens.

Eric writes that "there are two ways each of us can approach life: spending our days meeting our needs or looking for ways to meet others' needs.

The mystery is that when we spend our life focused on our own needs, we are never satisfied ...

The first section, "Desiring a Love Story", addresses sexual desire and lovesickness, suggesting that temporary relationships cannot fulfill those longings.

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