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This feature is now available in the latest devbuild 1.4.796 Read more Comment Tags: adblock plus ie development builds We are updating Adblock Plus for IE with version 1.4.

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It is provided as a p2p file which you can either integrate directly in Bit Torrent clients supporting the format or in programs like Peer Block which run on a system-wide level.

In q Bit Torrent for instance, you'd click on Tools Connection, enable IP filtering and select the p2p blocklist file on your system to integrate it in the client.

Blocking dangerous, privacy-invasive or unwanted IP addresses is not an entirely new concept.

Programs like Peer Block or Peer Guardian (which Peer Block is based on), are standalone applications that block certain IP addresses from connecting to your computer to increase your privacy when your devices are connected to peer to peer networks.

We have been busy tweaking and tuning and fixing different aspects of the Internet Explorer extension for this release.

There were quite a few bumps along the way which caused delays.

Also, this version is the first version that will perform queries for notifications like all other s have language transforms embedded, they don’t work in that environment.

This is why we are starting development builds of special installers, built without language transforms to allow for large scale deployments.

In this release we’ve resolved a wide range of issues.

While you can look up the full list of issued fixed in our issue tracker, the most important changes are: It is worth mentioning that there are also a few known issues we still need to tackle, most important being “ads on Google Search sometimes aren’t hidden”.

We have also resolved a case where for Internet Explorer would crash, so a more stable experience is also to be expected.

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