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E-mail etiquette is an art in itself, yet the most socially intrusive, and therefore potentially dangerous, modern gadget is, unsurprisingly, the ubiquitous mobile telephone.

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When John Debrett founded his eponymous toffs' "Bible" in 1769, he didn't have to contend with such modern delights as the e-mail, text message and video-conference.

Yet if the legendary expert in Georgian manners had been born 250 years later, you get the feeling that he'd have used digital technology in the nicest possible fashion.

Business e-mail signatures should supply relevant information, such as job title, company website address, telephone and e-mail address. Any sarcasm or subtle humour must be tempered, especially in messages sent between those who are less well-acquainted.

Salutation And Sign-Off Suggested informal salutation: name only (ie, "Jon").

It’s also used for oneself if you want to be a smart-alec (meaning something like ‘my honourable self’).

-kun is typically used for people talking to someone of a lower rank than them, or a man the speaker is emotionally attached to.

For outsiders looking in at a country’s etiquette rules, it can be easy to get culture shock.

That’s especially true when, like Japan, the country is famous for the complexity of its social rules.

A few words suffice as a holding reply (and reassure the sender that the e-mail has been received) until a longer reply can be composed. Refrain From Sarcasm Unlike an interactive telephonic or face-to-face conversation, it is impossible to judge how the recipient will interpret any comments in an e-mail.

Include Your Contact Details It is common to have a choice of several professional and informal signatures. The writing should therefore be kept brief, simple and to the point.

In both "E-tiquette" and etiquette, she adds: "The number-one rule is to treat others as you would like to be treated." Correct Form is published by Debrett's, priced £17.99 Think Before You Use The 'BCC' Field "Blind carbon copy", or "bcc", should seldom be used; it is deceptive to the primary recipient.

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