Bju bans interracial dating

I was married the year after graduating from the university, shortly after I had become a staff member. I would repent and try to “get victory” over this area. I never acted on anything because I knew I would get caught—and I was married.

I had met a girl my freshman year; we had become best friends. I remember one time that Greenville City Council was passing a resolution that announced that gays were not welcome in Greenville. Not in support of the resolution, but in my curiosity to “see” what other gays looked like.

I remember to this day that one of the gay guys (he had a shirt on that identified him as such) made a comment that “That is OUR rainbow. Someday, it will be different.” That is why the is such an important part of my life now. Just the other evening, a very good friend whom I greatly respect quoted the verse “And of some have compassion, making a difference.” My colleagues at school recently said that I am all about Human Right issues, and I am very much so. Students sit in chapel and classrooms everyday being belittled and degraded for whom they are.

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And if it were such a non-issue, why did they spend so many years fighting the IRS and government over it?

But that is another thread.) I also sat through the sermons decrying “the homosexuals” and the gay plague of the 1980s. Many offhanded comments were made by administration.

I had spent half of my life, 18 years, on the campus of BJU.

I was a graduate of BJU—BA in art in 1985 and MS in counseling in 1997. I had sat through those last couple of years of the IRS court case.

I was taking additional courses toward the educational doctorate program. I was in chapel the day that the verdict against the University was announced.

I had been on staff at BJU since graduation in 1985, and I had been the Business Office Manager for several years. I had heard Bob Jones, Jr.’s imprecatory prayer against Alexander Haig.The First Amendment gives Bob Jones University the freedom to create policies and guidelines under which we operate. Bob Jones University is a 73-year-old institution grounded in academic excellence and Biblical doctrine.Our impeccable and respected academic credentials are the envy of many in the academic world.Bob's chapel talk, concluded quite reasonably that a university's president was an excellent source on what that university's policies were, and wrote an accurate story.(Had she called to "get the official position"--and Chatterbox is far from certain she didn't--she probably would have found, as Chatterbox did, that nobody wanted to speak to her.) 2.) BJU administrators saw the headline and "croaked"--not because it was inaccurate, but because it made BJU's president look like someone who failed to tell the truth and shame the devil. This is the crux of the issue Bob Jones University faces today.

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