Best keywords for online dating

Today, 15 years after e Harmony was founded, online dating sites are trying to innovate new models that don’t involve scanning through hundreds of profiles and laughing at unfortunate typos, too-flattering photos, and the same cliche interests.

Sites like How About We, for example, focus on getting pairs of singles out on dates and doing activities together as soon as possible.

If you’re not sure if you even like the band, head over to You Tube and watch the video for “House of Cards.” It’s a song that will make you melt. While women list their eyes as their best feature, male suitors actually preferred to read about their abs.

Smiling into the camera ranked higher than looking mysteriously elsewhere.

Perhaps it’s because you need to be in good shape to surf, or maybe it’s because you aren’t wearing a lot of clothing.

Surfing ranked number one for the guys and number four for the women.

They analyzed these profiles over a three-month period to see which users got the most date offers, and then picked out the keywords they had in common.

Here they are: This analysis applies to heterosexual couples of a specific type: On Mutual Terms is for “sugar babies” looking for “sugar daddies” or “sugar mommas” (but not in a creepy, transactional way, they explain – Still, you can see that prospective daters are looking for well-rounded partners – who are “ambitious” and “successful” but also like “adventure” and spontaneity.Don’t just say you like rock or rap when it comes to music.According to these statistics, you must name the band Radiohead in your profile.With the glee of low attention-spanned teenagers, we can happily swipe and reject without feeling bad for being so superficial.But despite all these innovations, the dating profile still reigns.This statistic displays the most googled online dating keywords on Google UK during February 2016.

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