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You want to watch your latest Netflix obsession with someone by your side. Super commercial, expensive, and there's zero imagination behind them.

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You're mushy right back, have a ton of pet names for him, and you don't find it weird at all. For the most part, let's just admit it: romance is just plain awkward. Sometimes when couples are super gushy towards each other, it's a sign that they care about seeming super romantic and in love rather than actually feeling that and experiencing it.

A lot of times, people try to act towards their significant other in a way that they think is expected of them, but that's not the best idea. These days, romance is all about cute emojis (those heart eyes on a yellow smiley face are pretty popular) and posting couple selfies on Instagram and Facebook.

It's a good idea to focus on a real connection with another human being that can last forever, not just red roses and candlelit pasta dinners with red wine.

Look, it's pretty rare that your boyfriend gets super mushy on you and you feel completely normal and okay about the whole thing.

Okay, so you usually think of males as the ones who are forced to be romantic, but sometimes you want to do something nice for your significant other. It's even tougher to think of romantic gifts, whether it's your boyfriend's birthday or it's Christmas.

Guys are just so hard to buy for, no matter how much they might swear that the opposite is true.

The way that you think about romance is definitely based on what everyone sees in the movies. So it's no wonder that we try to copy that in real life. That's when guys feel too much pressure to "perform" in a romantic way in a sense, and we think that should change ASAP.

So if your boyfriend seems upset and your birthday or Valentine's Day or Christmas is coming up, let him know that he shouldn't feel any pressure at all, because romance can really suck and you should focus on your love story, not anyone else's expectations. It's super difficult to think of cute, fun date ideas beyond dinner and a movie or cooking a meal together or something like that.

But while some women totally swoon over grand gestures, others are kind of insulted when they get flowers or chocolate on birthdays, anniversaries and/or Valentine's Day. The idea that a woman needs to be courted or fussed over seems pretty weird in this day and age. But also, if you want flowers, you can totally buy them for yourself, right? So that's why romance sucks: lots of people are tricked into thinking that romance on a rare basis is more important than getting treated properly every day of your relationship.

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