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It might take you to App Data/Roaming by default, if that happens just navigate back to App Data then Local, Arma 3 and Battl Eye.After reading my Day Z review and watching my Kubrick-style HD videos on the topic, you are now addicted to the game and you want more. Every time you connect to a server, you get a warning that your Battl Eye client could not connect, it fails, and you get kicked out. This short article will teach you how to manually update your anti-cheat software so that you can log into Day Z servers and have fun playing and fooling around and making yourself rather afraid. Textually, your error message, shown in red in the left bottom corner of your screen will read something like the following text - the exact versions and details may be ever so slightly different: Battl Eye Client: initialized (v1.164.) Battl Eye Client: Server Requiring v 1.167. Battl Eye Client: Could not connect to BE Master Battl Eye Client: update attempt failed The thing is, you have a proper working Internet connection, so it's not the matter of firewall rules, router settings, or anything else. here is my UID, Nickname, and Game version in the screenshot: ----- PT PS: i've tried to update the battleye from their official website(downloaded the battleye client and server and replace them in "battleye" folder in Day Z directory) but ...

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* Added persistant speaking events while speaking to compensate for potential TS3 packet loss.

* Tweaked amplitude model v1.4.0 RC1 * 5.1/7.1 fixed * Direct speaking distance is based on the actual volume of the speaker * Multiple bug/stability fixes through 1.3.x series v1.3.19 * Loudspeakers now are based on distance including the distance to the actual speaker, taking over when closer to them.

You do not need to instantly, automatically blame your operational setup.

The problem may reside with the software or remote servers. You need to manually download two files from the official website and place them into the relevant folder of your Arm A II installation.

Signal lose & distortion from buildings, hills, trees, and other objects .

Realistic power output and antenna length considerations for all radios that effect signal .

We welcome anyone to supply feedback or join in on this cooperative project.

* ACRE now implements ACRE interaction keys utilizing the CBA framework.

I really need some support on this issue since I've been suffering from this problem beginning with the purchase of the game.

Hi zero6931, This is something we are aware of and is being looked into by the Siege team.

It comes in the form of two DLL, which you will need to place into your Arm A II folder and replace the existing, outdated versions. For example, a typical full path might be something like: E:\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\Expansion\Battl Eye And that is really all you need to do. But it teaches the necessary dose of geek and leet.

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