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This might be an appropriate time to reiterate what I wrote in August when I first announced the restoration on the 2002 Late Breaking Website News page: "..have to remember that the work has been completed and is irreversible.And no amount of debate or recrimination can change that.

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However, many of those attending that September weekend believe that Turin cannot and should not be allowed to be the sole authority responsible for access to and determination of future testing of the Holy Shroud.

Either the Pontifical Academy of Sciences or some newly-created International Scientific Commission which will insure adequate international peer review of any and all proposals prior to allowing same to be performed is in the best interest of the Shroud itself and the Roman Catholic Church's relationship with both the international and ecumenical communities who also revere this Holy Shroud.

Since its initial discovery in the Empty Tomb on that first Easter morn, the Shroud has been conserved by both the Orthodox and Roman Catholic branches of the Faith.

Thanks to the faithful stewardship of these two branches of Christendom, the Protestant community can now also appreciate this sacred linen.

Their inclusion on this page is strictly for information purposes and does not constitute an endorsement by the editor of this website. However, in the process of this transition Turin has in reality assumed "proprietary" control of who will have access to this burial cloth and what and by whom any future testing will be performed. B - the Shroud's greatest ambassador both to the ecumenical and international communities - and even a former altar boy at Turin's Cathedral of St.

I for one believe this is an ill-advised and dangerous policy. John the Baptist - sought to include "all sorts and conditions of men and women" in the quest of greater sindonological knowledge, Turin's latest policy leaves all too many of those who have given many years of their lives to such study "knocking on the fast-closed door" of access to this holy burial linen.

In the United States alone, Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian and Baptist clergy have written about the value of the Shroud in their own faith and "creating doubt in the doubter" which eventually leads that group to belief in Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

And is it by chance that even more members of the worldwide Protestant community currently is also coming to appreciate the Holy Shroud's true significance?

Hopefully, it will serve as a forum where the experts can give concise written statements that present the scientific basis for their opinions, and where you, the viewer can get the information necessary to decide for yourself.

Comments are listed on this page alphabetically by author's last name. - Medical Examiner and Professor of Pathology Petition to Pope John Paul II Guidelines For Submitting Comments The American balladeer Bob Dylan once sang "The times, they are a changing" and nowhere is that truth more apparent than in Turin's policy regarding the recent "intervention/'restoration'" of the Holy Shroud.

Some are greatly disturbed by the confirmed change in the image proportions and the apparent change in image contrast.

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