Baby boomer and dating services

“I really think it’s a positive.” Like many couples in 2015, Doug Main and Carol Tracy met using an app, but unlike many, they did so using Stitch, a startup that specializes in helping baby boomers and senior citizens find companions.

.2 Trillion In Spending Power Fueling Silicon Valley's newfound interest in the boomer and senior market is the demographic's growing adoption of technology.

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While companies like Snapchat can realistically expect their users to understand their features with little to no explanation, startups catering to older users need to educate users.

Techboomers CEO Steve Black, 32, said his company designed its website with simplicity and clarity in mind, a practice common among these services.

This rise in boomers and seniors' use of tech has made it possible for the tech industry to connect with that market in ways previously not possible.

And unlike younger tech users, who typically prefer to use free and ad-supported services, this older demographic is accustomed to paying for services and spends $3.2 trillion annually, according to the AARP.“People had given up on that market segment because the friction was a little bit higher,” but that is now changing, said Kevin Davis, 33, CEO of Geekatoo, a startup that connects boomers and seniors with experts who can teach them how to use technology.

Carelinx simply takes a 15 percent fee out of every invoice processed through its service.“We do a good job in finding the right match, but then we provide all the technology that handles all the caregiving management,” Sheik said.

“So no matter if the loved one who’s finding care for their parents lives far away or has to hold down a full-time job, they can easily use our Web and/or mobile solutions to see when the caregiver arrived and all the activities that they did on a day-to-day basis.” Keep It Simple Creating tech for boomers and seniors is much different than doing it for millennials.

Another driving factor is the aging of baby boomers, typically defined as those born between 19.

That represents a market of more than 76 million Americans, all of whom are now at least 51 years old and grew up having enough of an exposure to tech to recognize its value.“The United States and the world are aging at this unprecedented rate, and we just have more older adults,” said Katy Fike, co-founder of Aging2.0, a company that connects startups and entrepreneurs focused on the boomer and senior market.

They were matched up on Stitch, the so-called Tinder for seniors.

Stitch “will match you up with people that they think have similar interests, and then you can either say whether you want to find out more about that person or not, and then you just strike up a conversation, which is how Doug and I started -- we did this for many months.

Silicon Valley's normal reflex is to cater to the young, who adopt tech early and fill the ranks of Snapchat or Instagram.

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