Avast antivirus updating slovakia dating website

To close this screen and start using Avast antivirus just click on the link ‘No thanks – close this window‘.If for any reason you would like to go back to your previous version, you need to uninstall the program, get the installer for the previous version, and install Avast again.

Avast antivirus updating

It enable the firewall to access the right information.

For using Avast antivirus properly, you will have to update it regularly.

Avast Antivirus protects more than 230 million devices around the world.

That means that we need to keep our products updated in order to offer the best protection for our users.

Hackers love to exploit old software, as it’s the weakest link in most people’s security.

That’s why regular software updates are fundamental to your PC’s security.

Getting the installer for your previous version may be quite hard as Avast officially offers only the latest version for download.

However, you can still find older versions on some servers like File Hippo.

You can perform the update process using one of these two options: After you restart the computer, following post-update screen will appear.

It usually contains some additional offers for Avast products like free 20-day trial of Avast Internet Security and more information about the applied program update.

So I started this site in order to help others getting maximum from this awesome antivirus.

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