Autocad block attributes not updating

Added display option to only show the traverse point records. · Geoid Utilities – New command to report geoid values, apply geoid values or switch the geoid for points.

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· TIN History – New ability to track source data and edits for TIN for review and reprocessing.

· Process Road Design – Added method for divided highways to use separate centerlines for stationing and for road design.

· Merge Points – Added option to make a point group from the new points.

· Export Points – Added method to select multiple coordinates files and output to a single coordinate file.

· Intelli CAD 8.3 – New commands like mleader, selection filters, gradient coloring and etransmit. · Geolocate DWG Files – New command to display placemarks for dwg files in Google Earth.

Performance improvements such as selection, snapping, multi-threaded open and regen. · 3D Viewer Window – Added function to set sun position by location and time.· Field To Finish – For points with GIS attributes, added method to draw different symbols based on the attributes. Added method for circle by two points for diameter like Surv CE method.For Wall3D special code, added method for width relative to left or right instead of center.For multi-point symbols, added option to label a single averaged elevation and option to draw rectangle that encloses the symbol points.For points tagged as No Elevation on 3D polylines, added option whether to skip the point or interpolate the elevation.· Road Network – Added method for placing curb ramps and added support for creating an island inside cul-de-sacs. · Coordinate Cloud – New command to store points to on-line database to share publicly or for personal lookup. · Point Clouds Create Solid – New function to create a 3D solid from a cloud.

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