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[Note: Failing to implement Steps 1, 2, and 3 makes it mighty hard to make the all-important Step 4 work for you.Nobody wants to fix up a friend with a whiny, self-pitying stalker.

But human beings are not computer programs to debug, nor engineering issues to sort out.

It’s vital – especially for guys – not to get so hung up on one person that you spend your life going on imaginary dates with someone who is not, in fact, into you.

Today, most people have heard of Asperger’s and some even have a vague idea of what it is.

We Aspies have some fun traits: we develop socially far more slowly than typical people – the rule of thumb is we are socially and emotionally as mature as someone 3/4 of our age.

Other Aspies I know have met at Comic Con, in local computer user groups, and while working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.

The #1 way people – Aspie or not – find a mate is through connections they’ve made in the environments they function well in – work, worship, activities, or through mutual friends.

Yet though we Aspies have a more severe case of human foibles than the average person, there is good news. Accept the Possible – and Cancel the Pity Party It’s a simple fact: dating is not a fun process, and it’s even harder for people with Asperger’s than for most. ” Yes, we’ve all had the pity parties involving Ben, Jerry, and Alanis Morissette. The sooner you get this through your head – Aspie or not – the easier your dating life will be. Shake Off Rejections – Dating is Work, and Rejection Is Part of the Job Description Humans of all types have trouble with dating; almost everyone has been, will be, or is currently being rejected.

It’s tempting to spend hours online moaning that “It’s soooo hard to date when you have Asperger’s! And disabilities in general, particularly Asperger’s, can mean more rejections.

One of the most important things you need in the dating world is persistence – *if* you don’t take it too far.

Which leads to the next vital thing to remember about dating with Asperger’s: 3.

Women in particular love matchmaking – and your all-male club will include members with mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters and friends who are non-male.

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