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These transactions provide an efficient way to access the capital markets for fully collateralized reinsurance protection for a mortgage insurance book, locking in multi-year protection while also enabling Arch to test reinsurance market appetite and pricing, while diversifying its sources of protection.

It will be interesting to see where Arch can find a way to add Bellemeade to the panel of reinsurers that back its recently announced arrangement with Freddie Mac, which could result in a particularly effective way to lower mortgage insurance costs for consumers through the use of efficient risk capital.

The three tranches of ten-year term Bellemeade Re 2018-1 insurance-linked securities (ILS) will provide Arch with fully-collateralized reinsurance coverage against potential losses on a portion of its 2017 mortgage insurance portfolio.

Andrew Rippert, CEO of Arch’s Global Mortgage Group, commented on the deal, “Executing transactions like this on a programmatic basis is a critical part of running a sustainable mortgage guaranty business.” Rippert added, “Not only does it provide us with catastrophic risk protection, it also gives us timely feedback from unbiased third parties on how they view the risk in the U. mortgage market.” As with its last Bellemeade Re 2017 transaction, Arch is tapping the capital markets and ILS investors to provide reinsurance for recently underwritten mortgage insurance policies, not legacy portfolios which the first two Bellemeade Re’s under United Guaranty had done.

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