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'' Friends and family members of any erring police officer should be blamed for their misconduct'' Zonal PPRO, Dolapo Badmus, says Posting via her IG page, Dolapo wrote All police 👮 officers and men ...

' I want Dino Melaye to come to the Senate on Wednesday even if he is on crutches, the Senate is not the same without him ' Ben Bruce Common sense senator, Ben Bruce has said the Nigerian Senate is not the same ...

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On this blog people attribute having affairs in middle age to depression and faulty, aging neurotransmitters. No, their spouse was terrific, giving, loving, a model parent, but one day they were essentially abducted by aliens and replaced with some shitty spouse who cheats.

Cheating, they told me, is a “symptom” of the “disease” that is a MLC.

I’m sorry Left Behind Spouses of the MLC — you were betrayed.

Those cheaters chose to cheat on you and destroy your world. Don’t waste your life waiting for them to come back.

Hilarious photo of Africans 'looking' for babies hanging from balconies after ' Spiderman' incident in Paris Lol...

When you know the key to meeting the Presdident of France, getting an ...

Ripped jeans have arguably been the biggest style craze of the whole year and they’re so popular because they suit pretty much everyone’s style – from Victoria’s Secret models to tomboyish celebs like Kristen Stewart – everyone’s been wearing them!

So nab them now without breaking the bank for £40 – it’s a style investment you won’t regret!

But how do you explain that person’s decision to “stand for the marriage” when their mind is so addled by depression and bad brain chemistry?

How can they stand on character in the face of such a neurological onslaught?

3) If the neurotransmitters and depression of the MLC made them cheat, what makes you think their brain chemistry is going to change and they’re going to come around?

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