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He saw bruises beginning to form, he saw how wide and scared her eyes were, how she favored her left side, the fact that she was naked under the blanket... " he gasped, taking an automatic step forward and reaching for her, stopping when she screamed and pulled away from him."No! " she shouted, instantly on the alert for another attack.Cuddy took a step back, raising her arms up defensively, taking in a panicked breath before her brain caught up with her body.Cuddy knew all the stereotypes about rape victims, but it seemed that none of them were true, or at least they didn't apply to her.

Morrison and her House co-star Jesse Spencer made Cameron/Chase shippers freak out when Morrison and Spencer began dating after sparks flew on the set of the Fox drama.

Unfortunately, their onscreen romance mirrored their off-screen one.

"There was a moment of silence, then House said softly, "Rape victim." Then he hung up.

Cameron stood there for a moment, shocked, then hurried to make the preparations for the patient.

Morrison and Spencer called off their engagement in 2007 after dating for three years, and their characters on the show filed for divorce after an insanely dramatic plot which involved Chase murdering a senator. Usually they just happen on Scandal .)Currently Morrison seems to be doing very well solo.

Not only is she kicking (magical) ass on Once Upon A Time, but she just wrapped up her role on How I Met Your Mother (bye, Zoey), starred as Winona Kirk in Star Trek: Into Darkness , and took on the indie film world in Some Girl(s) alongside Adam Brody, the current husband of her ex-boyfriend Sebastian Stan's ex-girlfriend Leighton Meester. Right now it doesn't look like Morrison does — and neither does her magical counterpart.

So who has our lovely Once Upon A Time heroine connected with off-screen?

Just like Ginnifer Goodwin (who plays Emma's mother Snow White and is welcoming her first child with husband Josh Dallas) Morrison has dated one of her co-stars on the ABC fantasy drama.

Instantly ashamed, Cuddy bowed her head and mumbled meekly, "I… I thought..."House looked Cuddy over again before focusing in on the rest of the room- the fact that the wall beside the door now had a doorknob-shaped dent in it, that her clothes from today were piled in a heap among the ruins of a glass table and a vase of flowers.

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