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Instead of her tall, mature and grown up Annabeth, it was a short, cute and little Annabeth.

Aphrodite was in a similar state, only she had stars in her eyes as she stared at little Lacy.

Of course, if the keeper is having their buttons mashed in, they may blurt it out to hurt another character. Villains on the other hand will use it to blackmail the keeper...

which of course, doesn't stop it from coming to light eventually.

This is no easy task, especially if Bob suffers a case of total amnesia.

While helping Bob recover the lost pieces of his identity, Alice will be further tortured by being both with and without the man she loves.

Depending on the secret, the keeper usually has a falling out with one or more characters, and may face great danger.

Of course, if handled well it can make for a great cathartic payoff when this character chooses to unburden themselves and share the secret.Her baby was so little and adorable it made her squeal inwardly.The young teenager in this world was just as cute, but seeing the small little princess made the goddess' heart melt."What happened, Annie?All divinities and their children stared at the new occupants of the room in shock, none more so than Athena and Aphrodite.Aphrodite's jaw dropped, "No way…"Athena bit her lip and leaned forward, her brain almost overheating at seeing the seemingly impossible happen in front of her."Annabeth," the newly appeared Athena pulled her daughter close and stared up at the familiar sight. "Interdimensional travel…""I believe the Fates have explained to you the situation," stated the Athena on the throne.She won't be able to properly express her love without alienating him, and he's not likely to return her affections, in fact his reactions will fall anywhere from indifferent to creeped out to angry at her and his loss of memory.

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