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One easy step toward finding help for a sex addiction is calling a confidential helpline.Sometimes people are nervous to do so because they don’t know what that entails.

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Changing your addictive behaviors directly influences your life, then, by lessening or removing the symptoms of the behavioral addiction.

Read More If you are struggling with a sex addiction, there’s a chance that you may also be dealing with other addictions such as a drug addiction, alcohol dependency, eating disorder, or another behavioral addiction such as gambling or shopping.

In many cases, people who struggle with a sex addiction also have a mental health disorder such as depression that may be fueling their sex addiction.

If this is true for you or a loved one, talking to someone can help you find a way to address your other addictions and any mental health issues you are facing.

Almost all helplines are operated by volunteers or staff members who specialize in treating addiction or supporting you in finding treatment.

Most of the people who work the helplines have first-hand experience with addiction or know a lot about it.

But when you are open to sharing what you’re going through, you may discover there are many people who are there to help you.

Helplines are a free and confidential way to talk to someone about what you’re going through.

Although compulsive sexual behavior, hypersexuality, hypersexual disorder, nymphomania, and sexual addiction are not listed as a formal addictions in the American Psychiatric Association’s (DSM-5), treatment professionals recognize that people do struggle with these issues.

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