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After seeing so many threads like this where someone posts an article about race, trans, whatever and the first several replies are "the female SJWs have ruined everything and besides Blackamoor art is flattering, how do stupid blacks not know this," I've decided DL is populated with a few alt-righties deliberately spamming the place.

You see it on Twitter, too -- alt-right trolls who share a thread in their little chatrooms, and get a whole bunch of replies from their fellow trolls backing them up.

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The focus will be on Charles and his brood only, and Meghan will be a part of that.

Marie-Christine will need to pick up more speaking engagements or write more books.

Of all the brooches she could have worn on that particular day, she chose that one, she didn't have to, but she did. Apparently, whenever a royal enters a room, one must curtsy. Satisfied, Princess Michael walked through the room, and the cleaner climbed back up the ladder. Oh that's rich and makes this definitely not an accident.

And some of you seem to enjoy calling people SJWs but not everyone opposed to offensive behavior is a social justice warrior. There's been several unflattering articles about her released recently including one calling her Princess Pushy, I thought that was Megs nickname!

There's probably some troll chatroom where one guy obsessed with DL posts his trollbait links. In fact, that is the only thing I know about her; that most of the royal family barely tolerates her, because she is a loathsome cunt.

Liechtenstein princes and princesses aren’t royal, they’re ‘princely’ which is great and higher than ‘noble’ but they’re not royal. Nevertheless Princess Angela made a good catch with that Liechtenstein prince, that family is loaded. Her reputation seemed to soften quite a bit with time, but I would not give her the benefit of the doubt.

The chances that she knows what triggers neurotic 30-something female journalists in America are not that high.

It is likely that by wearing a jewel depicting a Black aristocrat, she thought she was, in a very clueless way, welcoming her new relative into the fold.[QUOTE]It would be easier to look the other way if the princess didn't have history of racism—but she unfortunately does.

I think that woman is very bold for doing that, knowing her father was a Nazi and knowing that she has a history of doing this. There haven’t been slaves in Britain since the Romans left. I happen to love Marie-Christine but I’ll admit that wearing a black moor brooch was pretty tone-deaf to the times.

Let's be honest, she's very old and she's royalty, she thinks she's better than all of us anyways and she's just not as able (or as willing) to hide her contempt for us, unlike the other royals. I do feel sorry for Meghan, how awful for her to marry into this family where you will always be made to feel like shit. Aside from the usual, she's a royal, entitlement etc. Slavery in British foreign territories started in 1640, long after the US started being colonized. However in the scheme of things she’s pretty irrelevant: she’s the wife of The Queen’s cousin.

A Royal Princess in Liechtenstein (another woman of color) is far more low-key in appearance and to get along with her Royal in-laws..trips etc. On her mother’s side she is descended from various princely houses in the former Holy Roman Empire.

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