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Given their respective touring and recording schedules, it took a year, but in July 2013 Omar and Seckou went into the Fattoria Musica recording studio in Osnabrück, Germany and laid down the core tracks for : in April 2013, Galician bagpiper-pianist-composer Cristina Pato invited Omar to Santiago de Compostela, where Pato hosts an annual residency frequented by associates of Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble.

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A noteworthy dimension is Omar’s use of the Fender Rhodes electric piano in equal measure with the acoustic grand piano., was created at EMPAC, the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, in February 2012. That’s why we asked two artists who are familiar with our festival to revisit from another perspective, following the artistic principles evoked by Bill Evans in his notes to the record signed by Davis: be yourself, be spontaneous, give all you have to give, everything you learned from those who came before and those you are sharing the road with. Which leads us to recognize the indomitable life force that faces unspeakable horrors yet somehow prevails a beacon penetrating the fog of oppression, its promise flooding across oceans, continents, centuries. Through a work of art or, less frequently, a presidential election. This is where Sosa pitches his musical camp and works his magic” (January 2007). Iyawo´n Bass () Following the success of Cuban pianist Omar Sosa's recent recording "Mulatos" (OTA1015), which received a 2006 GRAMMY nomination for Best Latin Jazz Album, and a 2006 BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music nomination, and which features the artistry of legendary Cuban reedman Paquito D'Rivera, Ot· Records is pleased to announce the release of a remix album of material from the award-winning recording. For those Omar Sosa fans who may have missed some of his early ensemble recordings and for those who have enjoyed the quieter, more introspective dimensions of this remarkable artist, How to be true to a music tradition and be part of the world at large?

Omar was invited to an artist residency at EMPAC with Zimbabwean dancer / choreographer Nora Chipaumire to compose music for Nora's dance-theater piece, . We selected Chano Domínguez, from Andalucía, who contributed to find nothing else but the paradoxes of a never-ending search: love and indifference; exile and emigration; being here and now with the lessons of those who illuminated us; restless energy and deliberate contemplation; the uncanny twists and turns of our souls and the shades of our lives; the constant strain between grief and joy, contradictory and supplementary at the same time. The interludes, almost sacred invocations to the genius of Bill Evans. Recorded in front of a live audience at the NDR radio studios in Hamburg, Germany, “Promise” features the above Quartet, plus noted Italian trumpet player Paolo Fresu, and Cuban flute player Leandro Saint-Hill. Entitled "Mulatos Remix", the album features fresh and funky contributions by Paris-based drummer/producer, Doctor L; Brooklyn-based producer/remixer, DJ Spinna; live Drum & Bass pioneer/drummer, Marque Gilmore; Paris-based drummer/producer, Steve Arg¸elles (who produced "Mulatos" and whose mixes include some out-takes from the original "Mulatos" sessions); and new-to-the Paris scene, DJ basephunk. To be a modern artist (and consequently a traveler), without dismissing your roots?

She said: ‘My body is confused at the moment and wants me to go to bed at 4am.

I always have less sleep before I start touring, but life is wonderful.’ Anastacia is currently preparing her costumes for the stage show and admits they have changed now she is getting older.

NDR Bigband collaborations comprise a virtual “Who’s Who” of world jazz, including Chet Baker, Oscar Brown, Jr., Paquito D’Rivera, Pee Wee Ellis, Joe Gallardo, Lionel Hampton, Dave Holland, Abdullah Ibrahim, Al Jarreau, Bobby Mc Ferrin, Pat Metheny, Joe Pass, Joe Sample, Maria Schneider, and Wayne Shorter.

, in 2012, and four years of distinguished international touring. A thoroughly cosmopolitan outlook rooted in the rhythmic intensity and improvisatory, call-and- response spirit of Africa writ large.During this period, Omar savored the music of Pancho Quinto, Lázaro Ros, Rubén González, Machito, Benny Moré, Arsenio, Cachao, Lili Martinez, Peruchin, Chucho Valdés, and Irakere. () : The Afri-Lectric Experience began as an Omar Sosa commission from the Barcelona Jazz Festival in 2009. Fresu’s label imprint, Tuk Music, the compositions are written by Omar Sosa and Paolo Fresu, except for, a gentle version of the popular track from the Paul Simon CD, Graceland. Sosa first invited Paolo Fresu to join his band as a guest for a concert at NDR studios in Hamburg in 2006, which resulted in the release of a live recording entitled , in 2007. All of these instruments were recorded live together in the studio, without overdubs – the artist interacting spontaneously, in real-time, with the various sonic elements. “Yemaya En Agua Larga” honors the great mother and goddess of the sea, the moon, creation, and female mystery. ” This ensemble never plays the same thing twice, and Tales From The Earth expresses a revelatory message, deeply grounded in tradition, yet thoroughly contemporary and innovative in realization, an expression of human freedom, and a celebration of the Diaspora, alive in our times. Tim is a preservationist, uncovering songs dug deep in the soil and offering them as evidence of an exchange system distinctly American because of its cultural beginnings elsewhere. Also featured are Cuban timbal master Orestes Vilató, Malian percussionist Baba Sissoko, Malian flute player Ali Wague, and Senegalese kora player Ali Boulo Santo, et al. Sosa has taken Afro-Cuban musical forms, like the rumba, and arranged them for African musicians and African instruments...Ilé means homeland in the Lucumí tradition of Cuba, derived from the Yoruba language of West Africa, and it is to the Latin Jazz roots of his native Cuba that Omar returns for inspiration on this new studio recording. The assignment: to compose and produce a tribute performance to Miles Davis’ classic recording, provides a medium for musical elements from Africa to shape and develop the music. Omar and Paolo toured together in Italy in July 2009, which further deepened the special musical chemistry between the artists, and inspired them to plan a Duo recording. Omar’s unorthodox harmonic sensibilities are evident throughout . In keeping with Yoruba tradition, exits with a final ritual salutation to Elegba. Theirs is a model marriage (one with rich historical roots), bearing offspring, new idioms,spiritually endowed. releasing these forms from the traditional Afro-Cuban clave... combining the fokloric with the contemporary, the ancestral with the urban.Today one of the most beloved Duos in Europe, Omar and Paolo’s unique and distinctive musical voices combine traditional and progressive musical elements from Cuba and Italy. Sunset () Calma is Omar Sosa’s fifth solo piano recording, a work of singular artistry, featuring Omar’s unique and original approach to the genre. Artists of Cuban, Haitian, West African (Bénin, Ivory Coast), European, African American and Jewish American heritage, entering a Berlin studio for two days of intensive recording, without music or a predetermined conception, only a shared commitment to the communal, celebratory character that embodies the expressive riches of Mother Africa. Ancestors () Across The Divide began like a shooting star - a luminous certainty that two folkloric musicians, a Cuban pianist and a New England multi-instrumentalist specializing in native and adopted American musics, could trace the connections between seemingly disparate worlds of thought.They are both master musicians with illustrious careers, bent on expanding musical boundaries and exploring new cultures. It is a deep and consistent work, dedicated to the many facets and mysteries of love. The CD is comprised of 13 solo piano improvisations, fusing stylistic elements of jazz, classical new music, ambient, and electronica. Flautist Mark Weinstein’s groundbreaking Cuban Roots (1967) melded the influences of Mingus, Machito, Puente, Tjader, and Palmieri, carried forward into the present with his recent collaborations, Cuban Roots Revisited, Algo Más, and now, Tales From The Earth. What was not seen at the start,however,was the great drama unfolding before us, a backdrop for the making of this record - the ascendancy of Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States.Also included is a set of four atmospheric interludes, featuring traditional music samples combined with improvised piano and soprano saxophone accompaniment. That has been Omar Sosa’s response to our proposal: to revisit , by Miles Davis, from his own (quite exceptional) aesthetic assumptions. The 41st Voll-Damm Barcelona International Jazz Festival had hired drummer Jimmy Cobb – the only surviving member of the group’s original line-up who created that record – and a tribute band committed to revive, in concert, the memory of that iconic jazz piece. Omar Sosa joined him for a Duo performance in Cagliari on July 9th (concert number 26)! So too, it seems, was the poet and novelist Langston Hughes, a seminal voice in the Harlem Renaissance, whose reading of "The Struggle" was sampled then woven into the narrative. The ensemble fuses the folkloric with the contemporary, the tribal with the urban - all with a Latin jazz heart. (OTA1007) , we find "Gracias Señor" and "Para Dos Parados", both featuring poignant string arrangements, and the later featuring the exquisite vocal styling of María Márquez.

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