Am still single dating advice

I have witnessed on occasion some Christians who believe God will bring them the “right one” the first time without much effort on their part.

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If you have a tendency to be rude or don’t let people get a word in, try to take a backseat in the conversation, keep your negative thoughts to yourself, and let others speak.

If you are aggressive and full of pressure tactics, like calling someone repeatedly, try slowing down and being patient.

Look past the superficial and really think about the negative behaviors you have been unwilling to see because you don’t want to see them. Make a list of the things you think are holding you back. Get a Second Opinion It’s time to bring in the reinforcements. (No, not your mom, because she, of course, thinks you are perfect.) Choose a friend or a counselor who will talk to you candidly and in a straightforward manner.

Ask them to take some time and sit with you to discuss your list.

Facing your denial and fixing it is the first step to finding your own “perfect and glossy” love.

Why We Deny There are many reasons why we can be in denial and keeping ourselves from finding a partner.

You could be just starting your search for that special partner or already have your eye on someone.

No matter what, know that it is possible to get a different reaction from those around you and succeed, but you have to first face it and fix it. World-renowned “interventionist” Ken Seeley, one of the hosts of A&E’s hit television series Intervention , has spent the past twenty years helping people and their families deal with and overcome life-threatening addictions.

These insecurities may spill over into your larger worry of why you are still single.

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