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We also have an open offer to Billy Corgan, James Iha, and Jimmy Chamberlin to share their side of the story.

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In 30% of these cases, however, the desire turned into obsession, resulting in violent attempts to gain access to SCP-166.

Class-A amnestics were efficacious in 43% of these cases; the remainder required termination.

Limited Release Protocol 19-A is to be observed in these cases, with the added restriction that no male personnel are to be allowed within 500 m of SCP-166 during transport, and no male personnel are to be allowed on the island during her stay.

As even the lightest clothing tends to cause pressure ulcers (bedsores) within 45 minutes of constant wear, SCP-166 is allowed to go nude for medical purposes.

Three days later, Subject A became violent and attacked the convent, attempting to gain access to SCP-166.

Subject A proceeded to kill one nun and severely injure three others before being neutralized by force. I have never regretted my actions on that day, except one: that when you first met me on that day, you saw your father put a bullet into the head of your mother. Medical and physiological analysis indicates several deviations from baseline human norms, including accelerated hair growth (approximately 20cm per month), vulnerability to airborne particulate matter such as cigarette smoke and aerosols (which can induce symptoms similar to an acute asthma attack), increased sensitivity to pressure ulcers, and alterations in dietary requirements.SCP-166 is noted for her unusual effect upon human males.Agent Beatrice Maddox made contact with the Mother Abbess shortly afterward, negotiating the transfer of SCP-166 to Foundation facilities for containment and research. Dear ██████, I first met your mother when she was a girl. She was beauty and nature, and I killed her with my own two hands. A Foundation operative consulting with a local priest regarding an unrelated matter heard of the incident and proceeded to the scene.

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