Alexa vanity cam show

It also just works when it’s not using "smart" features like Alexa voice prompts or light-matching with a Nest Cam.

It’s not a huge surprise that Simplehuman added digital smarts to a mirror.

I used this a lot, turning it on with my voice by saying, "Alexa, ask Sensor Mirror to set timer to 10 minutes." This saves you from glancing away from the mirror to look at a watch or phone.

Still, who cares this much about putting makeup on every morning? I barely have have time to put makeup on at all, and when I do, it’s usually an edited version of what I might put on if I had more time.

For people like me, one feature in this mirror is especially useful: a built-in timer / alarm that triggers the mirror’s light to blink when time is up.

The mirror’s built-in sensor knows when your face approaches and turns on the mirror’s outer-rim light, which glows in over 50,000 color variations.

So yes, this mirror is geared toward a certain person who cares a lot about applying makeup in the right lighting — and doesn’t mind paying for luxury stuff.

You could use IFTTT to completely skip the Nest Cam step and set a rule that automatically adjusts the mirror to the overcast lighting preset on a cloudy day.

You can even use IFTTT to link your mirror with Google Calendar so that the mirror auto-adjusts to its restaurant lighting when you have a dinner reservation.

These cost significantly more than, say, something you’d find at Target.

Yet, as tempting as it is to roll your eyes at at 0 trash can or a soap pump, the higher quality in these devices makes more sense when you think about how hard you use them each day.

I own both a Simplehuman trash can (albeit a one) and an a touch-free sensor soap pump (a wedding gift five years ago), and I really like using them.

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