Album art not updating google music

I am writing an application to help with recording Vinyl albums to digital format, for use in Windows Media Player and Media Centre.

I have the recording and track splitting part done, including saving the track information with taglib.

I just used it to update all my album art and it did all the well known ones automatically, and then for my more obscure music or stuff not in proper albums, I just did those myself manually.

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In fact, you may need to delete entire tracks or albums and re-upload them with the new ID3 tags.

In researching this I found the latter method to be effective and sufficiently quick, but your mileage may vary.

I use Google Music Player for a lot of my music (the stuff that required bulk-upload; for new music I greatly prefer Amazon). What drives me absolutely crazy though is that all my albums are imported with the wrong art.

It would be one thing if most the albums showed up as "art not found", but instead, 10% of my albums show up with the album art for "Pulp", another 10% with album art for "Nick Jaina". I know how to change the art for a given album to a picture on my hard disk. At the very least is there somewhere where I can submit this bug?

I'm assuming this has something to do with the player caching images under the assumption that one folder contains an 'album'.

If you are uploading your songs to your phone in a single folder perhaps try creating a folder to hold songs of one album? I don't know the specific location, but have a look into the free app Album Art Grabber. The SG3 eventually discovered and used some of my images, but it doesn't seem to use the jpegs called or folder.jpg, but instead it's (apparently) randomly picking a different image, albeit from the correct folder. I just copied my music on my GS3 and I have some folder with covers and I noticed it always takes the 1st pic as album cover, for example I have Front. I copied a few folders containing FLAC music files and album art on to the SD card. Thanks Well maybe it's because of the size, I don't have to name it it just takes the 1st image on the folder I think. SO I went to the Applications Manager (under "settings") then to "Media Storage", cleared the cache there and restarted the phone. SO I went to the Applications Manager (under "settings") then to "Media Storage", cleared the cache there and restarted the phone. That being said I use an app, forget what it's called, MP3Tag that lets you embed your own images in your mp3 files and you never have to worry about images being wrong again as long as the music app you use is configurable so that it won't try to get it's own art. I do not want to have to manually search out album art and upload it times a thousand. Removing the cover art is easier than correcting it, but I'll cover a few options.Removing all album art from Google Play: From the songs page, select every track.This may not be the same problem, but I found bulks of my music showing the same album art.

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