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What if you aren’t the type of guy that likes prostitutes?

Or if you do, but are also looking for something more?

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Everyone always mentions the same hot spots for trans in Asia but this one never gets its due respect.

There are quite a few places to find ladyboy prostitutes in Hong Kong and the main area would be in Wan Chai.These are definitely the two best ways to meet single ladyboys in Hong Kong for a real relationship or friendship.There is actually quite a bit of action here so you won’t have much problems finding Hong Kong ladyboys.You can head to the corner of Lockhart Road and O’Brien or the area around there.Plus ladyboy prostitutes like to frequent the Tsim Sha Tsui area.Start near the Holiday Inn and walk around and you should find some. If all else fails hop on Craigslist or other sites and try to find ladyboy escorts online in Hong Kong.

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