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The electronic civil money judgment system is a web-based system that can be accessed by anyone at anytime from their home or office computer or computer available in the public library or internet café.This site contains information about civil money judgments filed and docketed with the South Dakota court system.

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The charge is the same as for those persons performing the searches on their computer systems.

You may also obtain unlimited access to this system, including bulk downloading of civil money judgment information, by subscribing on a monthly or yearly basis by contacting the State Court Administrator's Office, 500 E. You need to sign a Subscriber User Agreement and return it to the State Court Administrator's Office.

All of the information that is statutorily required by SDCL 15-16-6 to be docketed by the clerk is contained within this system.

These records may not reflect interest that may be due on the judgment amounts.

As noted, this electronic system replaces the docket cards in the clerks' offices statewide; the original judgment will continue to be available in the paper court record in the clerk's office in the circuit in which it is filed.

Contact the specific clerk's office if you would like to view the original judgment; you will need to provide the clerk with the docket number and the case name.

Following retrieval of the judgments by name or date range search, you may view the docket information for any selected judgments.

You may elect to limit your search to judgments filed within a specific county or you may search statewide.

To use the system, register online and obtain a user ID and password.

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