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But sometime during the year—while the class was plumbing the mysteries of decimals and percents—Hone became extraordinarily interested in Kimberly. But fall brought further intimacy: Assigned to be Kimberly’s faculty adviser, Hone listened patiently to a storm of complaints about her parents.

When summer came, he visited her at her family’s house in the quiet seaside town of North Kingstown, R. Her mother and father, said the 12-year-old, were strict and emotionally abusive. He would get to know her better still, for their relationship would eventually blossom into one of the most controversial love affairs in the 314-year history of North Kingstown.

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Hone remembers, “She said to me, ‘I wish I could live here.’ I told her that people would think it was perverted—that the only way was if we were married.

She said, ‘That’s an idea.’ [But] I told her the age difference was ridiculous.

“We were probably falling in love when I was in 10th grade, but we didn’t perceive it as love,” she says.

“He was my best friend, but then, love is when a friendship lights on fire.” Before the conflagration, Kimberly had boyfriends closer to her own age, and the newly divorced Hone was going out with women he had met through personal ads.

“Treachery is the best word for what he did,” says businessman Nicholas Condon, father of a 12-year-old girl who was in Hone’s math class last year.

“This teacher disregarded common sense and prudence, parental wishes and a court order.“Just yesterday we discovered we both liked only the brown Necco wafers and threw away the rest when we were kids.” For his part, says Hone, “I love Kimberly. I doubted my ability to perform with her, but sex is better now than it’s ever been.” In Hone’s opinion, his critics are a pack of meddlers. This is our personal lives.” As for the notion that he violated the trust placed in him as a teacher, he insists, “I didn’t violate any ethics. That I’m going to marry all of their daughters or something?“Since when do I need the permission of the superintendent or the school committee before I marry? What a laugh.” By the Hones’ account, their friendship blossomed into love only in 1987, when Frederick was already divorced from Lana, his wife of 22 years, and Kimberly, then 16, was five years gone from his classroom.Frustrated by what she saw as her parents’ inability to understand her, Kimberly had resumed pouring out her troubles to Hone over the phone, while attending ninth grade at a private school in Providence.The two say they met sporadically during the next two years, but only as friends.“I was going to hitchhike to New York, and I called Fred to talk about it, and he told me to come over until I cooled off,” she says.

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