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He feels the sponsor account is in good shape at this time, and people continue to be willing to sponsor High School Rodeo.

The National Director Report will be presented at the end of the meeting when an update on today’s business at the NHSRA Winter Meeting is available.

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His understanding of the future of humanity on a world political scale is astonishing. I think there are young actors who have that appeal too, such as Javier Bardem, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Josh Brolin. I won’t say because that’s my private situation, not my public situation..

I don’t like it if I bend over and fat bends over with me.

At 53 years old, or as she puts it, ‘over 103 in actress years’, she is busier and more beautiful than ever.

Sharon got her big break – her outrageous role in 1992’s Basic Instinct – after a decade-long struggle in small parts, and enjoyed her finest hour in 1995 with her Oscar-nominated performance as Ginger in Martin Scorsese’s film Casino.

I know some people feel really comfortable when they are overweight, perhaps that’s their natural body type and they are fine with that, but it’s not my way.

I don’t diet, but if I gain three or four pounds I’ll just cool it for a few days. A rounded person experiences a range of emotions, be they happy, sad, angry, jealous, lonely and afraid, whatever. That we should take some kind of drug to erase our emotions and be in a permanently tranquillised state of equilibrium is ridiculous.1 I think the more healthily you live the better you look.

In recent years her acting career has taken second place to her family – three adopted boys, the eldest of whom, Roan, 11, lives with his father, her ex-husband Phil Bronstein – and to her humanitarian work.

But now, with a clutch of prime parts in forthcoming movies and her role as the face of Dior’s Capture Totale range of anti-ageing skincare – this week she’s launching Capture Totale Eyes Essential – she is enjoying a midlife renaissance.

I don’t throw my children out in front of the press.

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