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Over the past few years a number of quality multi-port chargers have hit the market to meet the needs of consumers. Tally up how many devices you’d possibly need to charge at once this is the total number of USB ports you need. A quick rule of thumb is the larger the device the more amps it needs.

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Trust me – you want the highest quality charger you can get.

First – go for a little more than what you think you need.

Phones and tablets are becoming more powerful, and we have more of them in general.

So if you aren’t sure I’d say go for a bit more than you think you need.

For example, an i Phone 5S can be charged with a 1.0 amp charger, but will be charged faster with the 2.1 amp charger that comes with your i Pad.

So guess for each 1 amp for each phone, 2 for a tablet.

If you only need 2 ports you’re in luck, most cost or less.

The Anker IQ 2 port charger is only .99 at Amazon at the time of writing, and packs enough amps to charge 2 tablets at once.

It packs twice the power of the Easy Acc® 20W and has Power IQ fast charging technology to get your devices charged as fast as possible.

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