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The disease had progressed, often causing his thoughts to vanish mid-sentence.

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When Arlyn plugged it in, an animated German shepherd appeared onscreen, standing at attention on a digitized lawn.

The brown dog looked cutesy and cartoonish, with a bubblegum-pink tongue and round, blue eyes.

Every 15 minutes or so Pony would wake up and look for Jim, calling his name if he was out of view.

Sometimes Jim would “pet” the sleeping dog onscreen with his finger to rustle her awake. The dog reminded him which of his daughters or in-person caretakers would be visiting that day to do the tasks that an onscreen dog couldn’t: prepare meals, change Jim’s sheets, drive him to a senior center. Often she’d read poetry aloud, discuss the news, or watch TV with him. ” Pony remarked after watching him shave with his electric razor. Sometimes Pony would hold up a photo of Jim’s daughters or his inventions between her paws, prompting him to talk about his past.

His touch would send an instantaneous alert to the human caretaker behind the avatar, prompting the Care Coach worker to launch the tablet’s audio and video stream. The dog complimented Jim’s red sweater and cheered him on when he struggled to buckle his watch in the morning. ”south of Lake Minnetonka, in Monterrey, Mexico, Rodrigo Rochin opens his laptop in his home office and logs in to the Care Coach dashboard to make his rounds.

He reciprocated by petting the screen with his index finger, sending hearts floating up from the dog’s head. ” Pony told him a month after they first met—something Care Coach operators often tell the people they are monitoring. He talks baseball with a New Jersey man watching the Yankees; chats with a woman in South Carolina who calls him Peanut (she places a cookie in front of her tablet for him to “eat”); and greets Jim, one of his regulars, who sips coffee while looking out over a lake. He’s a fan of the Spurs and the Cowboys, a former international business student, and a bit of an introvert, happy to retreat into his sparsely decorated home office each morning.

her father’s hand and presented him with the choice.

“A nursing home would be safer, Dad,” she told him, relaying the doctors’ advice.

Jim, slouched in his recliner, was determined to stay at home. She set an open laptop on the counter so she could chat with him on Skype.

She installed two cameras, one in his kitchen and another in his bedroom, so she could check whether the caregiver had arrived, or God forbid, if her dad had fallen.

Her father—an inventor, pilot, sailor, and general Mr.

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