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Find Funding Programmes German universities, as is the case all over the world, have broad networks of international partners.Through cooperation programs among higher education institutions, DAAD supports German universities in expanding these networks.Chances are, there are plenty of German speakers in London. I could spend hours flicking through Tinder, hoping by chance that I’ll encounter a German speaker who has then matched with me.

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I used Tinder for two years, before I met my boyfriend.

As a shiftworker, I worked odd hours and thought the app would be a good way to meet people – in my hometown of Sydney, Australia and as an expat in both Doha, Qatar and London, England.

When you first launched Tinder, you’ll be asked to create an account.

The only way to do this is to login through Facebook. It’s easy enough to create an account for your purpose, as all you’ll need is your first name and a few pretty pictures.

More Scholarship Holders For DAAD, the end of the funding period is the beginning of a long-standing relationship with its alumni.

Our goal is to strengthen the DAAD alumni network by supporting the formation of alumni clubs, e.g. More Enjoy reading On our blog international students share their experiences about studying and living in Germany.For example, are you living in America, wanting to learning Icelandic?You may also be looking to practise your speaking skills on a region with a particular dialect.His English was far more advanced than my German, but it was quite fun.Here was an opportunity to make a new friend from a country and cultural entirely different from my own.I would write something along the lines of: you can change the location of where you search for Tinder matches.

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