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By now, it's a Hollywood tradition for older men to pair up with younger women (think Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones).But even in the sexual playground of the movie biz, the reverse matchup -- an older woman with a younger man -- has always seemed somewhat shocking.

The movie starlet who has featured in over 10 Nigerian films since she came into the country six months ago revealed that she has been nurturing the passionate desire to bury herself in the arms of veteran actor, Pete Edochie.“Since I was a child I have been crushing ‎on him. If I love a 70-year old man, I don’t see why I shouldn’t marry him.

I still look forward to seeing myself in the arms of Pete Edochie. I don’t have time for small boys still running around and wearing studs in their ears with lots of chains hanging around their necks.”“Any man that wants to date or marry me must be tall. Handsomeness is an added advantage.”“In Liberia, we see Nigerian actors as gods.

Even Madonna, 44, the Material Girl herself, appears to have been tamed by 34-year-old director Guy Ritchie.

"We all benefit from celebrity women breaking these barriers," says Susan Winter, coauthor of .

“I like dating people who are 10 years older or 5 years older than me, I just think grown-ups treat you better, I’ve never been lucky with young guys, …

While most young ladies out go to the extreme to entice young, wealthy men, Liberian- born Nigerian- based actress, Blessing Brown, says she prefers older men for marriage because of their wealth of experience.

In 1997, Moore appeared in an independent film called , the first effort of Bart Freundlich, a young writer and director.

By the time the film hit the big screen, she and the director -- nine years her junior -- had found love and started a family. "I remember looking at myself in the mirror and thinking, Don't even think about doing this! But the mutual attraction was strong, and before long, the actress and the director were an item.

But Goldie and Kurt have never pretended that their life is perfect.

"No relationship is easy," Goldie told last year, "and nobody should ever think it is.

"I am a sexual object because Kurt loves me, and he's my sexual object too," Goldie once boasted.

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