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Using any basic vision program, such as Home Vision Therapy, perform computer-based eye exercises for an hour or more a day.

Many of these computer exercises directly target troubles with convergence and work on strengthening your eye muscles to help eliminate these problems.

This process of accommodation will stimulate convergence and strain fusional divergence.

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Computer vision therapy exercises are designed to help reduce the effect of esotropia on your vision.

Sit in front of your computer with your back straight and eyes level with the computer screen.

From here, perform one full eye roll in a clockwise direction. Repeat this exercise back and forth until you have perform the exercise 50 times.

Perform three to five days a week, depending on your eye strength.

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Close both of your eyes, placing your fingertips on the tops of both of your eyelids.

Make sure that your are pressing on your eyelids with only three fingers per hand.

Exercises involve small dots on your screen converging at the center of the screen.

Both of your eyes must follow the separate dots until the converge in the middle of the screen.

Family history of strabismus or related diseases is common. Carefully examine visual acuity in a manner appropriate for the patient's age.

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