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Ha Ji-Won, born as Jeon Hae-Rim on June 28, 1978 in Seoul, South Korean, is a famous actress.

She came from a large family of six (including her parents, 2 sisters, and one brother).

Arrogant,"Love So Divine," and "Daddy-Long-Legs." Ha Ji-Won would also star in the popular 2006 KBS2 historical drama "Hwang Jin-yi," which recorded a high 29% viewership rating. I hope their relationship will go further in real life. Haji won is time to look for a partner in life and the age don't matter as long as you will be happy and fulfilled. I'm happy to see you back in drama acting in Hospital ship with leading actor KMH. Hope she takes things easy after the filming and go enjoy herself. The chemistry between she and KMH was simply overflowing. I've been watching empress ki every year I have CD's It takes me 15 days to finish it I'm so touch on the story,even the character of "tal-tal" And all the great warriors in the past of yuan history .... You are so famous here in Philippines It is truly an honor to say something about my favorite actress Ha Ji Won whose beauty and talent continues to grow and outshine others through the years.

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I love her fashion style, and to keep her figure with energetic and rejuvenating beauty always look fresh on screen. Just about everything Ha Ji Won has played in has been my favorite! She can play a variety of characters flawlessly, but I love when she is kick ass the most. I'm ooking forward to yet another amazing side of your acting ability through Empress Qi's character.

I was impressed with her role in The King 2 Hearts with Lee Seung Gi, Empress Ki, Huntresses, Secret Garden with Hyun Bin and most of all the Love story with Bi Rain. I watched your drama more and more, never bored with it. haha..i see there are many people that cannot get over ra im-joo won yet..including me!!!! I am one of your devoted and die-hard fans (1023r) and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards your diligence for great acting as it really inspires me towards a better change.. I look forward to every movie and TV drama she is in, because i know she will be amazing. Anyway congratz for you already sign the new contract with U. I believe in your mature ages, you will be more start, keep shining like s diamond in the sky. Continue being awesome by consistently setting a good example (your charity works alongside maintaining your good acting career) because they inspire people like me. Love, avid fan from the Philippines Your fans from middle east ,,, really love you and your acting ,, I can say you are the best actress and no one can say no ,,, you have courage and charming personality ,, i've watched all of your works ,, and i was impressed ... I love korea because of you i like ur acting alot and i liked it more in secret garden.i pray to God that u and Hyun bin become off screen lovers forever because you 2 made such a good couple in secret garden. At the time she was 32 but looked like she was in her early 20's with a personality of a child.

Ha Ji-won would reveal later in a 2009 interview with KBS2 TV that her most cherished performance is "Damo: The Legendary Police Woman," due to the fans she gained from that series and that performance opening the door for coveted future roles.[1] In 2003, Ji-won Ha would also release her first and so far only album to date "Home Run." Ha Ji-Won's next performance in the 2004 SBS drama "Something Happened In Bali," turned into another hit with the series revealing a surprise ending that became a hot topic for its audience. I hope you and KMH will go further in dramas, movies and have a real date! Sometimes it seems as if KMH oppa secretly admires our Unnie. I believe taking up this drama is gd for her at a personal level. You almost fell from the raft/flank during HS filming and accidentally cut your hand during take. Hw she had suffered a terrible trauma over the death of her father so suddenly last year. She shld give herself time to heal and come back only when she is ready.

Over the next few years Ji-won Ha would appear in a succession of romantic-comedy films: "Reversal of Fortune," "100 Days with Mr. Everything else are successfully organized and coordinated filming and great acting lead actors such as Haji Won & Kang Min Hyuk as lovers. You lifted your role as first time doctor with feeling and believing, and such a fantastic role despite of losing your love ones in the stories were all connected in sense of focusing your life helping people in needs of medical treatment along with building your love life with touching moments as lovers, actions, challenging unthinkable times of emotional sadness ups and down and troubles come up with happy ending. It helps takes her mind off her grief and redirect her attention to acting again. Always sunny and happy even though youre not feeling well during filming. Amazing ha ji-won as nyang-nyang , Empress lady ki!!!!

Ha Ji-Won then went on to star in the highly popular drama "Secret Garden," which recorded an impressive 31% viewership rating nationwide in 2010. i know life is all about unexpected circumstances... I've been focusing on historical drama this year, but bcos I LOVE U HJW, that's why I'm watching hospital ship. And as I watched the episodes, I started to like her, admire her and love her. I love her to the point that even though I don't like historical dramas, I still watched Empress Ki. Calling screenwriters and directors - what do you do about an actress who has struck a connection with BOTH male and female viewers INTERNATIONALLY? She exhibits a quality - whether it's in her choice of roles in films or dramas - of re-interpreting femininity in the most unusual and unexpected places.

She picked up numerous awards for starring in this series from the 2010 SBS Drama Awards. LOVE U I first saw Ha Ji Won in the movie 100 days with Mr. It watched only the clips since the video clips keeps on appearing on my Facebook. She's funny but she acts quite bad (a scene where she looks ugly) . That impression didn't entice me to watch the whole movie. Oh God, she is so good as Gil Ra I'm, she's tough, pretty, cool and cute. She can take a man's role, handle the technical quality of timing and agility to perfection for comedy or action, while pumping in just enough underlying female softness to make her character absolutely stunning onscreen. hoping for it as a successful one and help you in your career in the near future. ji won~aaa sarangeeeee.....will you take another project??????

Haha I had a possibility to see Empress Ki in polish TV last time. I am sure that this film is one from the best ones, which I saw up to now. your dramas,films,cf,co-stars,charity,news,family,almost all about you I know.

Thank you for it - last time I am very interested in korean / chinese history. it makes me more and more love you you are different, I am proud to be your fans,you're good person,home girl,very love your family,really want to give your better performance in each project love u so much unnie.u stay healthy and be strong cz we're here to always support u now and forever Unnie... I'm a big fan of you, you are the only Korean actress I admire. Love you so much :) I watched "Secret Garden" and loved the plot and characters. A poor but proud woman being courted by a weird and wealthy man whose mother disapproves is the perfect formula for exciting scenes.

I mean like,you make your comeback every year and it has been since your debut years.

Wish for more of you in the future but please take care of your health and don't overwork yourself ok?

you are a best actress in this drama as well as you is very cute in this drama than your real you do any martial art ? You are a perfect match with your co-star especially Joo Jin Mo. Can't wait to see more of you and Jin Mo in the near future be it a modern day or saeguk drama. Not only is she absolutely beautiful, but she's a bad ass and an amazing actress. hello unnie.the one and only idol I love since when i birth. I love the way you very talented and very beautiful. Ha Ji Won you are one of my favorite Korean actresses! Keep doing good film/drama series that would touch the lives of people all over the world. you are a excellent actress , Ji Chang-Wook is an excellent actor too .

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