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Robert Carter followed by question session during the Apologetics Symposium at Cedar Park Church, October 2014. - 45 minute seminar by Mike Riddle, which was at the Seattle Creation Conference July 2004.

Catastrophic Plate Tectonics: A Global Flood Model For Earth History - 60 minute seminar by Steven Austin at the Seattle Creation Conference October, 2009.

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Loz (Sarah Gaul) is 25 years old, a budding playwright, a college dropout, and a complete screw-up.

She has a chance to be the resident writer at a local youth theatre, but she's more interested in writing songs about toxic shock syndrome, plays that reference her desire to make photo collages of her private parts as a half-assed political statement against former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and staying home and watching "Pretty Little Liars" until she passes out.

And she hasn't had sex in over a year, barely remembering her last tryst with "Barbecue Chicken Guy." With nothing working out for her and a disapproving mother breathing down her neck, she sets her sights on sweet-seeming divorce Dave, hoping that an upswing in her dating life will translate to a boost to everything else she's failing at.

Soon, she learns how hard it is to balance this new relationship with her small circle of friends—the only people willing to put up with this hot mess.Don De Young during the Seattle Creation Conference October 2016 at Our Created Solar System 85 minute seminar by Spike Psarris at the Seattle Creation Conference August 2006.Our Created Universe 60 minute seminar by Spike Psarris at the Seattle Creation Conference August 2007. Don Johnson followed by question session .during the Apologetics Symposium at Cedar Park Church, August 2014. The CW is the best place to find today’s great new shows, including hit shows like The Vampire Diaries, Ringer, The Secret Circle, Hart of Dixie, 90210, Supernatural, Nikita, America’s Next Top Model, and Gossip Girl.You’re free to laugh: we also offer fun syndicated fare, featuring iconic shows like Seinfeld, The King […]Looking for the Seattle wine bar of your dreams?She graduated from the Australian Film Television and Radio School with a Graduate Certificate in Screenwriting in 2014 and was an active member of the Australian Theater for Young People.

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