5th graders dating

"Thanks, and you look beautiful as always too, you know, your also more than just a pretty face, you are a really friendly girl now that you actually talked to my friends earlier at lunch" Vince admitted.

"Yeah, I'm trying to be a nice girl now and not so snotty anymore" Ashley Q revealed.

Most now all have cell phones and talk about boys constantly.

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J.'s frenemy and now they are the new best of friends. From a distance, all the way out of the Ashley's clubhouse, an Ashley was checking out Vince playing basketball. She really likes how Vince dribbles the basketball as she is dazing at him thinking of how dreamy looking he is.

Since Lawson is the new king of their playground, he's more on the cool and laid back side just hanging with Vince and T. Ashley Q is the white skinned and a red headed girl who loves being a girl, wearing lip glosses and loves glamour to her femininity. Ashley Q raced over and sat next to Vince as he moved over so Ashley can sit next to him.

I was so vastly different from the person I ever pictured I would be at the age of 10.

Look, I'm a sixth grader, I say it might be a good idea to date, if you really want to date this person and they want to date you.

"That's good to hear" Vince said with a smile. Spinelli sneaks off from the playground and into the teacher's lounge and sneaks opening up the fridge to see if any drinks are in there that aren't for kids. " Gretchen said sternly by looking down at Spinelli.

Spinelli's eyes lit up to some whiskey and scotch and drinks some. Then later on at lunch recess, Spinelli sneaks back to the teacher's lounge once more and drank up the whiskey trying to forget about Vince with Ashley. Those two had a great time, talking and getting to know each other. "Oh Vince, you are an amazing boy, I should've know how gorgeous you are" Ashley Q said. After Spinelli leaves, Gretchen catches her and smells some alcohol on her. 10-11 year olds who are so desperate and impatient with love.5th grade dating is when two children think it is a necessity to be in a relationship.

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