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But the question is how do you choose the right one?

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Women: you, and your body, were made to love and comfort and strengthen and help and guide (and so many other things). Ultimately, even if many relationships begin with some physical interest, NONE of them end with that.

Whatever form and shape you have, know that your form is very good and God made it that way. Both at the beginning of your courtship or marriage and the end of your life, you should choose the person in front of you not because they are beautiful and you want to admire them all the days of your life, but because they are kind, holy, good, and put you on the path the sainthood.

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It was interesting to hear the range of comments, from “Well, of course they do!

” to “That is extremely offensive,” and everything in between. You are lying if you say you don’t consider someone’s physical looks as part of your dating evaluation.

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For the record, I edited the article and remember discussing it with my boss before it was published. And second, because there isn’t enough truth in there. It’s why we publish articles about dressing for a first date.

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