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He is now heads up digital marketing for Simtech Development, an ecommerce development firm.Maksim holds a master’s degree in journalism from Ulyanovsk State University. Take a look at the 7 wealthiest Russians who live in Britain.

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Facebook and Twitter are mainly used by people with advanced technical, social, or business skills, such as managers and executives. The network itself claims 97 million monthly visitors.

Instagram is more popular among females aged 13-34. Most of them speak Russian, but it’s open to the world and supports over 80 languages, including English and Arabic, as well as Asian languages.

Thus having a mobile number attached to a VK account makes it difficult for hackers to take over the account. There are many advertising options on the platform.

The most used are community ads, on-page ads, news feed ads, stories (which are a copy of Snapchat Stories), and Live video. Your first step to start advertising in VK will be to create a Community and then build the audience with compelling content: text, pictures, video, audio, and downloadable files.

Born in Saratov, Russia, Abramovich moved to Moscow and, in the 90s bought a stake in the Sibneft oil operation for £120 million along with several partners.

The group later sold their stake for £7.5 billion, and his wealth has remained on an upward trajectory ever since.

The Moscow-born tech entrepreneur also founded Badoo, an online dating website which has hundreds of millions of users around the world.

London-based Baturina, 53, made her fortune from construction and cement.

You Tube users come from all of those demographics. Almost 70 percent of all social media visits come from mobile devices. Roughly 2 million accounts on VK have “USA” in their location field.

What makes VK different from other networks is that you can upload, store, share, and find any files you want, even music and videos. VK attempts to protect copyrights, but mostly when copyright holder complains. Eighty percent of users follow their favorite brands to stay up to date with new products and special offers.

VK is heavily used to promote products and services. The most watched advertisements are for fashion, health, events, gadgets and travel.

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