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And they'll listen when you explain that making you wait is NOT a good idea, EVER, for everyone’s sanity, because carpools suck and are torturous enough.

But in all seriousness, I did take my kids’ personalities and life situations into consideration before engaging in these tactics.

10 rules for dating my son-15

That means he can't hang at the park with friends and watch You Tube videos endlessly.

For Internet access, he has to find Wi-Fi hotspots, like our home.

Two years ago, Hofmann created a smartphone contract for her son, Greg, when he was 13."I didn't want the technology to rob him of being a child," she said. If the phone is lost, damaged or destroyed, you will have to go without or save up to repair or replace it.8. And, of course, what we really want to say is remember to enjoy life, nature, people, books, music, as well as technology.

"I wanted to set up boundaries so that technology is a piece of his life, not his whole life."That concern led my husband and me to create one firm technical boundary - my son's phone is part of the family plan, but we turned off his ability to have data on his phone. Don't give out any personally identifiable information, such as full name, date of birth, address, or phone number without our permission. Do not use the technology to deceive or lie to others.

These might not be appropriate disciplines to use with teenagers who are dealing with significant issues such as being bullied, mental/emotional health issues, drug addiction, self injury or anything else where these strategies might trigger something worse.

Bottom line—being a teenager is really hard, and so is being a parent of one. Keep trying..your inner freak flag fly—and raise it high!

” Put it on the next time they’re disrespectful, explaining that if they’re going to treat you that way, you’ll BE that way!

Start by wearing it around the house, and if the behavior doesn’t change, tell them you’ll wear it in public— This will lead to panic and pleading, which opens the door for a conversation about agreeing to show each other mutual respect, and that verbal and nonverbal mockery doesn't feel good. Check out our podcast where I share all the gushy details.

And of course I've grounded them—limiting all social contact whatsoever and forcing my sulking offspring to play board games with their parents on many Saturday nights.

(I secretly like these times, and I think they might, too.

And every teenager is unique, and the best discipline for one teenager won't be the same for another. Let them know you're still in the game, giving it everything you've got.

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